What to do with all those tools

You thought this would be simple, didn’t you? Rummage a couple of pliers from the tool box, maybe buy a couple of new ones, and that’s it — you’re in the jewelry making business.

Then you found out those toolbox pliers weren’t precise enough for this work. And you needed more pliers with round noses and chain noses and — what next? moose noses???? And then you needed cutters for memory wire. And crimper pliers. and Wubbers. And two kinds of special hammers.

And one day you look at your workbench and all you see is tools.

Well, here’s a neat way to store all those tools in just a few inches of space, where they’re immediately accessible as you work.


Magic, huh?

Mine is temporary, made of foam board, while I’m waiting for my husband to finish setting up HIS workbench downstairs so he can make me one out of wood.

I have a sneaking suspicion that by this time next year I’ll probably have bought enough new tools to need a second rack. That’s life in this jewelry making business!

Kris Haig — artisan, teacher, spiritual director


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