A super tip for using superglue


super glue and vasoline


This is the best trick I’ve learned in years. Maybe decades. Maybe forever.

You know how you use a tube of superglue once, and next time you try to use it the cap is glued shut and you end up throwing the whole thing out?

Well, no more! And all you need is a jar of Vaseline.

In the photo above are two of my favorite glues for working with jewelry and other random stuff. E6000 is the workhorse of glues. For finer work where precision is essential, I love G-S Hypo Cement, which is similar to the E6000 but comes with a tiny syringe-like applicator.

Whatever glue you’re using, before you put the cap back on take a dab of Vaseline and coat the screw threads. Then replace the cap as usual. That’s all there is to it!

If you use the glue often, you may have to reapply occasionally. But I’ve been using this technique for a year now and only had to reapply two or three times.

Do I hear wild applause?

— Kris Haig at Sadie’s Bethel Beadery


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